Sunday, 30 October 2011


Amalgamation with Surrey

If Surrey wants to join White Rock, that would be fine, but we will not become another Surrey neighbourhood.
We have the wherewithal to remain independent from Surrey, all we have to do is to manage our resources and finances better, and to welcome new investment into our community. We can and we will be a better community under our own leadership than we will ever be as a small part of Surrey.

Commercial Core

I want the City to adopt a "can do " attitude. We need residential and commercial investment to gain more taxes which in turn will support the social needs of the community. Our urban vision needs to be unique and interesting - enhancing the character of the community.


We must and we will minimize taxation and not look to borrowing - this will be a 'pay as you go' Council.


We will build for the future and maintain what we have. We will be innovative and be prepared to use new technologies.

New City Hall

We will NOT build a new City Hall.  Finances allowing, we will renovate the current building to the degree necessary.


Investment in our community will be controlled .Stick to the OCP on Marine Drive. No more 21 storey buildings. We will increase the allowable density in the Upper Town Centre to encourage further  investment and renewal.
We will not turn investors away, but will work with them to realize our vision of White Rock not theirs.

Respect .

We will respect the Public and will listen to them when we make decisions as a Council. We will respect the democratic processes by which we govern. We will institute Citizen Forums to allow citizens to have input on  key issues.


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