Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The unexpected and rather dramatic announcement last week by Mayor Catherine Ferguson that she will not be seeking re-election has totally changed the political landscape of White Rock. The Mayor has a new opportunity that she is very excited about and is very sure that she has made a decision that is in the best interests of the City. In the meantime she is going to continue to do her job to the best of her ability, and will work hard for the citizens of White Rock right up to and probably beyond the end of her term of office.

As a result of this change I have decided to run for the position of Mayor. My nomination papers have been signed by  Mayor Ferguson and by former Mayor Hardy Staub who was Mayor from 1993 to 2002. They will be filed on Wednesday, October 12.

To my knowledge at this time the only other candidate for Mayor is Councillor Lynne Sinclair. Councillor Sinclair is the "leader" of the CPR slate who were swept into office at the last election. Initially, the slate consisted of : Lynne Sinclair, James Coleridge, Al Campbell, Doug McLean, and Helen Fathers. The CPR group has now kind of disintegrated.. Coleridge was ousted by the courts for illegal campaign procedures, McLean has decided not to run in the upcoming election, and Fathers courageously took her leave of the CPR after taking exception to their style of governance. So now that Councillor Sinclair has taken on the candidacy for Mayor, that leaves Al Campbell  as the "last man standing" of the original CPR slate as a possible candidate for Councillor.

As the last term of Council has so aptly demonstrated, a good Mayor alone is not going to guarantee a good Council. To be effective , a good set of Councillors are absolutely necessary to have good governance. By the same token, a good set of Councillors can be cancelled out by a less than adequate Mayor.

In essence, the voters are electing the Board of Directors of a multi-million dollar corporation. It is really important that we have people in office who are not only competent , but also respectful.. They must be respectful of the public, of each other, and of the employees and the volunteers of the City. They must be respectful of the democratic process, and the public processes by which they govern. Without that respect we have a less than acceptable government. I believe White Rock deserves better - much better.



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