Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Canada Day 149th Birthday.

I am a proud Canadian and wish to share my Canada Day post.
Being Canadian I will apologize for those who were there and are hearing it a second time.

I am here to bring greetings on behalf of the City of White Rock and am accompanied by Councillors Lawrence, Sinclair, Knight, Chesney and Fathers.

Thank you to all of the sponsors, organizers, and City Staff for all the work they have put into this event.  As always, they have done a wonderful job.

Today we gather to recognize and celebrate our country's 149th birthday.  There is much to celebrate.
Our country has achieved a unique status in the world.
We do not have the biggest army in the world.  While we are respected, we are not feared.
We are not the richest and most economically influential.  If something goes off the rails for one of our biggest companies, the market is not sent into a tailspin.
We do not even have the Stanley Cup anymore....YET!

What we do have is a culture of acceptance, diversity, and stability.
This is widely known and acknowledged.
As a result Google gets huge spikes in enquiries about how to move to Canada from Americans fearful over the possibility of a Trump presidency , and Brits who are stunned by Brexit.

We have the President of the United States stating  in Parliament that "the world needs more Canada"

So what we have, what we are, is special.

It must be protected and nurtured.  It must not be allowed to wither from neglect.  It must never be taken for granted.

This is our Canada and it is quite simply, the best country in the world.

Thank you for coming today to share your Canadian spirit and pride.

Have a wonderful Canada Day.

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